Maycom specializes in making creative keychain accessories to delight the imagination. A prime example of this is the Maycom Manual Shifter Keychain ($8). This zinc alloy key holder is just under an inch in diameter and equally tall but features a working representation of a gated six-speed transmission stick shift.

Designed to appeal to gearheads or any other aficionado of the increasingly rare manual automobile transmissions, the keychain comes in five brilliant colorways of red, black, silver, gold, and blue. Each includes a full year’s warranty.

Along with the manual gear shifter, Maycon also has other automobile-inspired keyrings like the Coilover Shock Absorber and the Spinning Chrome Turbocharger which has spinning blades when you blow through it like a whistle. They may not help your car to run better but they will give a distinctive look to your keys.