With EVs now available for virtually every automotive segment, it won’t be long before innovations address certain issues. The most pressing problem that plagues eco-friendly platforms is range anxiety. However, regular improvements in battery technology should eventually scratch this off the board. For instance, take the Vancea by Maxwell Vehicles and its promise of worry-free off-grid escapades.

If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, then this zero-emission ride should be up your alley. What makes the Vancea unique is the camper van configuration. We’ve seen several motorhomes that promise green off-grid adventures, but these are in trailer form. Owners need to hook them up to SUVs or pickup trucks that run on fossil fuels. This contradicts the supposedly sustainable concept.

Meanwhile, Maxwell Vehicles delivers a highly capable machine suited for extended stays and longer trips away from a charging station. The donor vehicle is a Ram ProMaster cargo van which receives a powertrain overhaul. Out goes the internal combustion engine with its fuel tank and in its place goes an ePro 300 electric motor. Clients can choose between a 74 kWh battery or a 125 kWh pack instead.

Your best bet would be to splurge a bit extra for the larger capacity configuration to truly enjoy its purported 250-mile range. The Vancea also gradually recovers some of its spent energy via roof-mounted solar panels. According to the manufacturer, it can harvest about 8.5 kWh worth of charge daily. As for the interior design and layout of the camper, we have Nook behind it all.

Inside, owners will find a hidden induction stove, a bathroom with indoor/outdoor access portals, a modular kitchen, and a convertible sofa/bed. So far, the biggest selling point here is the Vancea’s excellent mileage. There is little to no competition that could match what its premium trim package can offer.

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Images courtesy of Maxwell Vehicles