MAXOAK is back with another amazing product that’s guaranteed to solve all your power needs. The company has never failed when it comes to providing sufficient power backups in case of blackouts or electrical service interruptions. They have always catered to consumer needs with its series of portable battery stations that are both efficient and off-grid ready. Their latest invention, the BLUETTI EP500, defies what high-powered battery storage should offer.

Safe, Durable, Long-lasting Battery

The EP500 boasts a massive 5100-watt hour LiFePO4 battery pack that guarantees you 6000 charge cycles. It is the most long-lasting battery that is both efficient and robust. It also charges fast and has great temperate resistance. This makes it fire-resistant and the safest battery you can find in emergency power stations.

The addition of a built-in dual-core microcomputer and Internet connection enables firmware upgrades. Thus, it is continuously evolving to provide you with the best power source.

Multiple Charging Ports for Multiple Needs


Blackouts are a thing of the past when you have the BLUETTI EP500. This heavy-duty device can power most of your electrical essentials not limited to small home appliances. An output of 2000W pure sine-wave AC inverter gives you endless charging possibilities, anytime and anywhere.

It can run your kitchen and garage tools, portable game stations, cooling appliances, and other devices for entertainment and comfort. Its amazing 15 outlet sources ensure your needs are taken care of in case of a power outage. It has one 12V port, one 100W Power Delivery, and four USB-A ports.

Moreover, the BLUETTI EP500 has one AC Input that can handle four 110V output charges, two 12V/10A DC, and one 12V/30A RV. To cater to today’s Qi-wireless technology, it even comes with a couple of wireless charging pads. There’s also a communication interface, a PV Input, and T500 Input.

Double the Power, Double The Fun

Unlike the other portable power stations from MAXOAK, the BLUETTI EP500 is capable of maximizing its output. The use of a fusion panel terminal board doubles the power so you get 240v/4000W of transferrable energy that can power heavy-duty machines. These include electric clothes dryers, space heaters, air conditioners, and electric stoves.

Fast Battery Recharge

The BLUETTI EP500 gives you three options to recharge the battery. One is through solar charging with a 1200W charging capability through its built-in MPPT input and this gives you five hours for a full charge. The other is through an AC wall plug for a 600W input charge. However, the beauty of this device is you can use two input charging process simultaneously. This amps up the power to 1800W (1200W solar + 600W AC outlet) and results in fast charging time for full batteries in just three hours.

Remote Monitoring and Operation

Modern times call for modern innovation and thus, the BLUETTI EP500 is a step above its predecessors. Its exclusive B-Lynk connection technology lets you monitor and control your device anytime and anywhere through a supported smartphone app. This makes it convenient to check on battery levels and inverter capacity without having to be near the device itself.

Eco-friendly and Off-Grid Ready

The ability of the BLUETTI EP500 to run on solar energy makes it convenient to have around in your outdoor adventures. It is an elegant and sleek plug-and-play power source (no installation required) that comes with four smooth-rolling wheels for easy transport. It also does not produce fumes or loud noises during operation. This is a must-have indeed if you’re looking for an efficient seamless UPS home backup that you can use anytime and anywhere you need one: be it at home or the great outdoors.

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