MAXOAK is back with another amazing product guaranteed to solve your power problems during blackouts. The innovative minds behind the Bluetti AC200 2000W AC/1700W Solar Power Station know that it can be difficult to find a reliable power generator. In this modern age of technology, competition in the market is stiff and the product price outweighs the features.

However, the Bluetti AC200 ensures that you get your money’s worth and more. It packs absolutely useful features not found in any other of its kind. It boasts over five output options, a wireless connection, and an amazing 2000W of AC power. All these packed in one compact, tough, and portable construction guaranteed to serve you for many uses.

Moreover, this versatile generator gives you multiple recharging options in case it runs out of juice. With its immense power, you have the freedom to charge both small and big appliances. It can even power your refrigerator, TV, and air conditioner to save you from the sweltering heat and boredom during blackouts. It is the perfect off-grid power solution for those who want to feel at home while in the great outdoors.

Limitless Power Solution

Bluetti AC200

The Bluetti AC200 Power Station runs on a 1700Wh lithium battery and provides 2000W of continuous AC power. It is built with 3C LG premium electric-vehicle battery so you’re certain of its high quality and durability.

This portable generator can charge multiple devices at the same time thanks to its vast output source. It has six 2000W AC output where you can plug in big and small appliance and comes with a USB-C 60W PD for fast charging. It also has four USB-A plugs and a couple of 15W wireless chargers. For outdoor purposes, it comes with four DC 12V outputs and a 25A RV connector.

Bluetti AC200

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this power source. Whether you want to charge your smartphones, portable gaming consoles, and other mobile devices. It can definitely be a source of electricity for your power tools, home and kitchen appliances, and other electronics. It even gives Teslas 11 miles on the road.

To put it in a practical perspective, using the Bluetti AC200 on a 150-1200W refrigerator gives you 13.-26 hours of life. Meanwhile, a 110W TV can run for a max of 23 hours and a 10W light with over 47 hours of illumination. A 1500W window type air conditioner can run for 4.3 hours. This power source even comes with an emergency light: LED light with three modes including full and medium brightness and SOS.

Multiple Ways to Recharge

Bluetti AC200

The Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station comes with five recharging options. This means you’re not limited to the wall socket or the solar panel. You can use your car’s 12/24V DC output or through gasoline/diesel generator or lead-acid batteries. This handy gear has a built-in PV 700W/35-150V and an MPPT technology to make solar charging a breeze. It only takes 3.5 hours for a full charge.

Safety Guaranteed

Bluetti AC200

Just like MAXOAK’s other power generators, the Bluetti AC200 has a built-in battery management system that ensures safety. It prevents short-circuit, overheating, overcharge (both for battery and output), overvoltage, overcurrent, and more. To ensure safety during use, an LCD screen displays real-time charging and battery status, input/output power, and alerts you when there is a malfunction. It is also equipped with a fan that keeps the machine cool when the temperature reaches 45 degrees.

Eco-friendly and Portable

Bluetti AC200

The Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station is unlike diesel or gasoline-powered generators that give off a bad smell and a loud noise when in use. On the contrary, it is quiet so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone in their sleep or breathe in the smell of gas.

Moreover, it comes in a compact size that can easily be carried to your next outdoor adventure be it by hand or through its added trolley. Outside of its amazing features, the Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station also boasts a modern and sophisticated exterior appeal. It is one power source that you can proudly show off to friends and family to entice them to get one for themselves.

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