The MAXOAK Bluetti AC10 99Wh/100W Air Travel Laptop Power Bank is unlike regular power banks that do not do justice when you want to charge more than just your smartphone. When you find your laptop out of juice or in need of a working home appliance but there’s no electricity, then this heavy-duty power bank is your answer.

Then again, when you hear “heavy-duty,” what comes to mind first are the bulky, hefty or cumbersome ones that do more damage than good. They can either put a hole in your wallet because they’re expensive or literally be a burden to your shoulders or hands because of their weight. When it comes to power banks, you must not settle for the heavy ones that you can’t tag along with you wherever you go.

Instead, portability and functionality should always go hand-in-hand and that’s where the MAXOAK Bluetti AC10 99Wh/100W Air Travel Laptop Power Bank fits all criteria. It does not just power up laptops. It also charges smartphones, tablets, and small home appliances at a size designed for on-the-go charging.

Multiple Ports For Simultaneous Uses

The MAXOAK Bluetti AC10 99Wh/100W Air Travel Laptop Power Bank provides the convenience of a Power Delivery (PD) and an AC output, which is a steal in it itself for a portable power supply. It boasts multiple ports for multiple uses.

The 120V AC outlet has 100W of continuous power and a 140W peak output at 99Wh to fast-charge AC-powered gadgets including laptops, cameras, and portable game consoles. Using a laptop charger maximizes the full potential of the AC outlet. It can even juice up small home appliances like light, small fans or small heaters or others that go within the 100W range or lower.

Meanwhile, the 45W Power Delivery boasts the rated powers of 5V/3.0A | 9V/3.0A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/2.25A. This much power makes this device ideal to fast charge USB-C devices including a MacBook/MacBook Air/Pro, Android smartphones, and more. Two USB A ports that share a 3A output can charge other phones, tablets, cameras, and more.


You can simultaneously power up devices without having to worry about the power bank overheating or running out of charge. You can charge and discharge at the same time so you have a limitless supply of power. This device offers ease in recharging with its USB-C PD port acting as the input charging port. This bidirectional feature means you can use the USB-C port for recharge and to charge another device. It also comes with a 30W PD wall charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

There are many ways to recharge the MAXOAK Bluetti AC10 99Wh/100W Air Travel Laptop Power Bank. Through AC / USB-C, AC wall outlet, or USB-C charger. It takes about four hours for a full recharge.

Best of all, it comes with Battery Management System (BMS) for overheat and short circuit protection. The system also lets you know when there is an overcharge, overvoltage, or overcurrent.

Portability and Practicality

For a device that offers both AC output and Power Delivery charging, the MAXOAK Bluetti AC10 99Wh/100W Air Travel Laptop Power Bank is amazingly portable at 2.75 pounds. It’s compact enough at 7.1 inches in length and 3.9 inches in width with a thickness of 2.3 inches. Its aluminum alloy shell looks sleek and provides robust protection for the buttons and ports.

It may not be a power bank that you can fit in your pocket but you can certainly bring it on your travels. It’s a must-have for globetrotters, photographers, or for the professionals who rely on their gadgets both for work and play. This power bank is TSA-certified so you can take it with you on air. You also don’t have to worry about noise while charging since its no-fan design ensures a silent operation.

Best of all, this power bank comes with an LED light with three modes: brighter, dimmer, and SOS, which could come in handy when you’re out camping or when you need a quick lighting fix in the dark.


If you want flexibility in your power bank then the MAXOAK Bluetti AC10 99Wh/100W Air Travel Laptop Power Bank is the real deal. The integration of Power Delivery and AC Output charging ensures an efficient operation. Plus it offers simultaneous charging to keep your gadgets up and running in no time. Check out the company’s official website for more awesome products.

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