The Max Lantern gives more than just illumination in the dark. It packs other helpful features in a compact and portable body designed to go with you on your adventures.

This is a versatile tool for both indoor and outdoor use. A press of the button lets you toggle through three mood lights: Warm (20 lumens) Mix light (75 lumens), and Cold (180 lumens). Warm gives you 18 hours of ambient light, while Mix and Cold for nine and five hours, respectively. 

If you want to recreate a realistic flame effect then the Max Lantern lets you do so by combining light, shadow, and fog. You get an effect of a flame swaying in the breeze and this adds a romantic or serene atmosphere to any setting. Speaking of fogging, this versatile lamp has a humidifier function that uses 100ml of water poured into the top water inlet. This feature runs for 3.5 hours but automatically shuts off before the water runs out.

As outdoor gear, this is also nifty given its built-in 9,600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery also serves as a power bank. It recharges in four hours and can power other small USB-C devices including smartphones. It even comes with a battery indicator light so you’d know how far you have till a full charge.

Now in terms of quality, the Max Lantern uses metal for its grooved handle and for the base or stand. The inner and outer parts are made with recyclable ABS+ PC environmental protection materials. Portability-wise, this 3-in-1 torch in vintage design clocks in at 17.60 oz or barely a kg and is very compact you can easily stash it in your bag or even in the kangaroo pouch of your jacket for quick access. 

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Images courtesy of Max Lantern