Italian furniture brand Mavimatt designed the Metamorfosi chair according to the art of transformation. Hence the name, which translates to “metamorphosis” in English.

This chair boasts a unique silhouette that looks more like the outline of a splat when viewed from the side. But this playful design is actually what gives this completely handmade chair its three functions. It transforms into a chair, a side table, or a bookcase simply by rotating it. Lay it on its side and put a chuck of glass or wood slab on top, and it can also serve as a coffee table. 

As a chair, Mavimatt’s Metamorfosi has a curved back to comfortably lounge in and has a bit of shoulder support for you to lean slightly sideways. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an armrest which some may find less secure. Regardless, it stands on two strong legs so it doesn’t tip over on its own when you lean back.

A flip on its side and it serves as a side table featuring one larger flat space in front and a smaller area on its back. Flipping it again and it transforms into a makeshift bookcase with corners that prevent the books from sliding off. 

Aside from being a multi-purpose furniture, Mavimatt Metamorfosi chair can also easily serve as a sculptural art piece. It can become a conversation starter thanks to its glossy finish and eye-catching dynamic shape. This chair is also available in matte finish and in different colors including blue, green, yellow, and red, to name a few. 

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Images courtesy of Mavimatt