Bowl-shaped chairs are uncommon for a specific reason: they can be uncomfortable to sit on. If you’re looking for strength and ergonomics in a seating solution, then they are rarely the go-to choice because they can either swallow you as you sit down or lack in back support. But Maurício Coelho of Maurício Coelho Designs aims to change this pre-conception with his Hollow Armchair design. 

Elegant, plush, and unique. These words come to mind looking at the design’s appearance alone. It looks and feels luxurious, something that the designer skillfully also infused with functionality and comfort. Working with Brazilian factory Studyo 4 Upholstery, Coelho says their main “focus is the development of products that reach the market in a differentiated way, with aspects of – exclusivity, elegance, and above all, functionality as well as comfort.”

The aptly-named Hollow Armchair is part of Maurício Coelho Designs’ Origin Collection, which features a series of uniquely-shaped and minimalist furniture pieces ranging from long sofas, coffee tables, and several arm chair designs. It features a half-sphere seat with plushy cushions providing lower back and butt support.

This chair stands on two  slim planes, giving the impression of the sphere floating in mid-air. Details remain scarce about its build, but it’s an alluring piece of furniture thought to be crafted with carbon steel and fiberglass. This combination of materials make it long lasting, lightweight, stylish, and eco-friendly. It also provides great weather resistance and excellent strength and durability. Likewise, the Hollow Armchair can easily be outfitted in a range of fabrics and leather for added exclusivity. 

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Images courtesy of Maurício Coelho Designs