The Clifftop House located in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii has garnered a number of awards and prizes for its creator, Dekleva Gregoric Architects. Built as an expansive single family home, the construction utilized the “mini house” concept where different bedrooms, service, and utility areas like the kitchen were built as separate units but still contained under a single roof. The guest units are each self-contained bedroom & bathroom, two-room independent suites which help define the more fluid social spaces that weave around them.

With the Clifftop House being constructed with five distinct sections, each U-shaped to open onto a select scenic ocean view, the double-sized roof and open areas between the private units provide ventilation well enough to not require air conditioning even in the tropical climate of Hawaii. The home was built using only locally sourced materials for a natural fit into the landscape. A great example of spacious comfort and seclusion, all in one well-designed space.