We all have our favorite alcoholic beverages. Before we nail down exactly what pleases our palate, it involves a comprehensive trial of all types of booze we can get our hands on. Over time, you’ll begin to develop a preference for certain nuances. However, some prefer to keep their options open, which allows them to sample exquisite releases like the Master’s Keep Voyage.

This bourbon has been curated by the fine folks at Wild Turkey and is purportedly something purveyors of the spirit should not miss out on. According to experts, a widespread practice many Scotch distilleries follow these days is the use of various second barrels to impart unique traits to their dram.

Hence, it’s about time American labels embrace the trend. Make no mistake, as there are several brands that have already found success in the above-mentioned approach. Nevertheless, the arrival of the Master’s Keep Voyage marks a thrilling venture for the beloved bourbon.

Sources were also quick to point out that this is a first for the distillery, which adds to its appeal. Crafting the Master’s Keep Voyage along with Wild Turkey master distiller Eddie Russel is master blender Dr. Joy Spence of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum fame.

“By aging Eddie’s hand-selected batch of 10-year-old bourbon in the finest casks we have at Appleton Estate, we were able to achieve a new level of flavor that gives whiskey and bourbon lovers a new way to enjoy their favorite drinks,” said Spence.

As you can already tell, the bourbon develops its distinct notes courtesy of the casks that previously held 14-year-old “pot still rum.” Therefore, the caramel undertones from Wild Turkey’s bourbon are further enhanced by fruit, spice, and aged oak notes. Similar to previous expressions, bottles of the Master’s Keep Voyage are limited.

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Images courtesy of Wild Turkey