All this talk about luxury vessels might have caused us to overlook some of the smaller-scale options out there. A quick check to see if we missed anything notable immediately brought the Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 to our attention. It’s safe to say this sleek motorboat is brimming with top-notch features and so much more.

MasterCraft has long catered to folks who want a watercraft that can provide an exhilarating experience for those on board, as well as the few who prefer to indulge in more extreme activities over water. Living up to the name, this sleek 23-foot hull flaunts exceptional craftsmanship and exclusive elements for discerning owners.

The Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 sports a custom “Golden Hour” paint job. This metal flake application adds a dazzling aesthetic which is then contrasted by black accents throughout its body. Furthermore, its SeaDek in black and tan complements the exterior for a striking package.

Another awesome selling point is how the manufacturer takes into account man’s best friend. Yes, sir, this bad boy comes with a dog bowl drawer to ensure your furry companion never goes hungry and is always hydrated. Each Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 buyer also receives a special gift package which is a great value.

The bundle includes a Golden Hour carbon Connelly AK surfboard and a Connelly x AK Golden Hour surf rope. A matching dog leash is likewise thrown in for your pooch. Meanwhile, a ballast of 3,300 lbs. with SurfStar allows the Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 to create waves for novices and advanced surfers to enjoy.

Up to 16 people can join you for a cruise while 74 cubic feet of storage space is available for your stuff. “Crafted with exceptional materials, comfort, and performance in mind, the Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 makes a statement on the water,” writes MasterCraft.

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Images courtesy of MasterCraft