Every guy needs to have a knife in their arsenal. In fact, it’s better to have more than one suited for different types of tasks. Depending on what’s needed, take your pick from utility, hunting, camping, combat, and kitchen. The culinary enthusiasts among us will tell you the quality of the blade matters. Master Shin’s Anvil presents this Kitchen Knife for you to consider.

Technically, you can find kitchen knives almost anywhere that sells housewares. However, some prefer to purchase artisanal offerings like those by Master Shin’s Anvil. A quick online search will tell you the top chefs in the world either go for a knife forged by the best craftsmen in Germany or Japan.

However, Anseong – a city in South Korea – is famous for its stone, brass, and iron products. This is also where you’ll find the source of the Kitchen Knife. Since 1845, the family-run establishment produces some of the best handmade farming tools and knives. Shin In-Young is a fifth-generation blacksmith behind this rustic blade.

To ensure outstanding durability, Master Shin’s Anvil uses high carbon steel that is normally used on railroad tracks. According to Master Shin’s Anvil, it then undergoes hammering up to a thousand times to create the cutting edge. Unlike western and Japanese creations the Kitchen Knife does now display an angular beveled edge.

Completing its classic look is the chestnut handle which the shop sun dries wood for years before use. This makes it resistant to decay, strong, and lightweight. Another distinct visual is what Master Shin’s Anvil calls “dang ghi” – a branding technique that marks an “X” on the wooden handle without burning it. The Kitchen Knife measures 11.25” with the handle, 6.5” for the blade only, and 2” at the widest point.

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Images courtesy of Master Shin’s Anvil