With so many people now traveling after years of restrictions, some are in the market for new gear to make their trips more bearable. Long-haul flights and bus rides can quickly become unpleasant, especially with a lot of background noise. As such, most choose to drown out the cacophony with some relaxing music, audiobooks, or podcasts. We suggest you check out the MH40 from Master & Dynamic

While the majority of tech-savvy travelers typically opt for true wireless earbuds, we recommend you invest in a great pair of headphones. On-ear types are great but become uncomfortable over time due to how the earpads make contact with your ears. The MH40, on the other hand, is larger and should be more ergonomic, overall.

The manufacturer is offering these over-ears in five classy colorways: Silver Metal/Brown Leather, Black Metal/Black Leather, Gunmetal/Black Leather, Silver Metal/Grey Leather, and Silver Metal/Navy Leather. There are a few we personally like, but all options appear stylish, nonetheless.

Its packing custom 40 mm titanium drivers to deliver crystal clear sound with pronounced lows and highs. Since earpads eventually wear out after prolonged usage, Master & Dynamic addresses it with a replaceable magnetic system. The plush memory foam cushioning of the MH40 also provides excellent sound isolation.

We have lightweight anodized aluminum, lambskin leather, and coated canvas. The premium construction and sleek design make it a fashionable audio accessory you can proudly wear every time. A full charge of its built-in battery is enough for up to 30 hours. The MH40 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.2 or via a USB-C to USB-C cable for hi-res digital audio.

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Images courtesy of Master & Dynamic