Maserati has just made the official announcement that they are gearing up to release their first production electric car by 2020. This two-seater Maserati Alfieri Electric Sports Car ($TBA) will be built along the same lines as their gas-powered V-6 Alfieri coming out in 2019. The delay, they say, is to assure the lighter-weight chassis design stays within the quality and performance guidelines consumers expect from Maserati.

This may be Maserati’s first venture into electric vehicles but make no doubt, this is still easily recognizable as one of their own, with a look that’s as sleek & bold as one would expect from the Italian luxury auto maker.

This far back from production there is no real hard data on just what the engine will be or what the range of this all-electric vehicle will be, but it is surmised that since competitors Porsche and Aston Martin are shooting for their vehicles to have a 200+ mile range, that Maserati will do no less. The thought of this ground-breaking Alfieri is going to make it hard to wait until the end of the decade!