Who doesn’t love chocolates? As long as there are no adverse effects from its consumption, we haven’t met anyone who would say no. The thing is, chocolate bars can become boring over time unless you go for the fancy ones. If you feel the same way and want something that stands out visually before you scarf it all down, then check out the Chocolate Planets from Martin’s Chocolatier.

These tasty truffles live up to their name as each of the celestial bodies in our solar system are accounted for. Of course, we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Sadly, they’re aiming for accuracy which is why poor old Pluto is not in the mix.

Martin’s Chocolatier goes above and beyond with the presentation. Whoever was meticulously making these Chocolate Planets is doing a fine job with the colors. It might not be 100% accurate, but these truffles would look good on display.

So far, our only gripe here is that the scale is also way off. It would have been cool if the sizes of the sun and planets were relative to one another. Anyway, it might be asking too much, but it is likely impossible for the price range.

The Chocolate Planets would make a fine present for the Astronomy geeks you know. It’s also a great treat for kids who have a budding interest in the study of our solar system. Martin’s Chocolatier says the truffles are 100% Belgian chocolate. Meanwhile, all 9 have different flavors at the core.

We have praline cream, caramel salt, chili/cherry ganache, toffee caramel, orange cream, peachy cream, mocha cream, praline, and blueberry ganache. Now, can feel like Marvel’s Fantastic Four baddie Galactus as you consume each of the Chocolate Planets –tasty! Pair it with coffee or whiskey for an out-of-this-world experience.

Buy – $19.99

Images courtesy of Martin’s Chocolatier