If you’ve ever felt the need to launch marshmallows with a crossbow, there’s a perfect tool for that, aptly called the Marshmallow Crossbow.

Handcrafted by Jeff Davidson, this quaint wooden toy is no match for your marshmallow-fearing foes (which is totally a thing — just Google “althaiophobia”). Forget about Nerf guns. This handmade crossbow lets you pummel someone with little clumps of fluff. Bonus points if you’re using stale marshmallow for better impact.

Using it is as simple as using any traditional crossbow. Just draw the bow, load up a marshmallow, then press the wood-carved trigger. Take note that you can adjust the marshmallow holder to accommodate varying levels of softness. Feel free to dust fresh marshmallows with cornstarch to prevent them from gumming up the weapon.

“There’s lots of cuteness about this thing,” according to Davidson. The cutesy factor appeals to just about everyone, including adults.

“I had a couple buy one for their elderly father to give him something fun to do. I can barely walk up the street with one without someone buying it right out of my hands.”

The Marshmallow Crossbow retails for $79 and is available on Davidson’s website, and also at 12 stores from Yarrow to Comox, including Litchfield, a high-end concept store in Gastown, and Boorman Archery in New Westminster. The crossbow features a simple, straightforward, yet elegant design, and would make the perfect gift for any kid at heart. Just make sure to hit your nearest grocery store to stack up on marshmallows so you don’t run out of ammo.

Marshmallow Crossbow