Mars-The-Levitating-Bloototh-Speaker a

Bluetooth speakers got kind of boring in today’s increasingly crowded market, but this one has set itself apart. So far apart, it’s not even touching anything!

Mars($190,00) is a Bluetooth speaker that levitates over a subwoofer charging base, and can be taken with you wherever you like. Besides looking like a cool mini UFO, the Mars speaker is actually a clever design from a performance standpoint, providing 360-degree sound projection, due to its shape and levitating nature. On top of that, this little guy is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, making it durable enough to survive serious drops, and it’s also waterproof up to 3ft.

The subwoofer charging station (called the “craft”) is positioned below the floating speaker, boasting a custom 3-3/4″ high-excursion ceramic motor woofer, an integrated microphone for taking calls, and it can also charge other devices through its 2 USB ports. Mars incorporates Gravitron Levitation Technology (enabling the speaker to automatically lift and land for charging), Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and the battery life is promised to be 8 hours on a single charge. But the most notable feature is the awesome sci-fi look!

Mars- The Levitating Bloototh Speaker 2

Mars- The Levitating Bloototh Speaker 3

Mars- The Levitating Bloototh Speaker 6

Mars- The Levitating Bloototh Speaker 4

Mars- The Levitating Bloototh Speaker 1