The Marmansk AirFlip Pop-Up takes you camping, to the office, to the gym, and more. It is a modular bag that fits any occasion, looks, and features wise.

This minimalist, tent-inspired bag unfolds and packs in seconds. Its name is as such because you literally just flip it up in the air so you can start packing. It works much like how you set up a tent. The best part is it is versatile and extremely lightweight at just 0.25 kilograms. Yet it can pack just about anything you want to bring along to work, to school, or to any outdoor adventure.

The Marmansk AirFlip Pop-Up comes with three different modules: a tech sleeve, a tote bag, and a mini cross-body bag. It can fit a 13-inch laptop and other small tech items. The tote-bag also functions as storage for the twist-to-fold empty pack or as an inner compartment and the anti-theft cross-body bag secures your personal and valuable items.

This modular backpack is for all-terrain use with its waterproof exterior fabric. Its modular pieces, the cross-body and tote bog, are made from 210D nylon with PU coating and weighs a mere 0.05 kilograms and 0.04 kilograms, respectively. Meanwhile, the tech sleeve is from neoprene and weighs 0.27 kilograms.

The Marmansk AirFlip Pop-Up provides comfort to the shoulders and back. The straps are breathable and ergonomic no matter the weight of the bag. The straps also have a D hook and carry loops for items you want close at hand, like a flashlight or water bottle.

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Images courtesy of Marmansk