Established by three men who have a deep-rooted passion for motorcycles, Marko Helmet is based in France and responsible for the production of various motorcycle accessories. One of the best and most intriguing is the incredibly cool Full Moon Motorcycle Helmet.

As Romain, Pascal and Marc, the three Frenchmen in question are more interested in adventures on bikes than racing, their helmets are designed with that at the forefront. A fiberglass shell has been crafted for the exterior, giving it a retro look that is protective, but lightweight.

An incredibly low-set chin strap ensures that the helmet is light while being extremely stylish and most importantly comfortable too. The helmet is reinforced for additional safety with inserts made from EPS to absorb shock.

You want to enjoy the views when you are on the open road and this helmet allows you to do so magnificently thanks to the wide field of vision. What’s more, when you get home after a trip you can take the fabric interior from the helmet out and wash it.

The helmet is available 3 great colors including the famous blue and orange Gulf colors that won Le Mans a whopping 5 times, as well as dark green and red. If you feel your riding gear needs an upgrade, we think you should definitely consider these beautiful helmets.

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