It’s starting to get warmer with summer just around the corner. Thus, it’s time to switch up our wardrobe so we get to feel comfortable. Loose-fitting clothing should keep you cool, but it can still get chilly at times. What you can do is add another layer like the Boulder Overshirt. Even with a simple shirt on, this outerwear enhances your look.

Although a fresh outfit is ideal, some prefer how certain fabrics appear over time. Several factors can contribute to the overall profile of your garment. As the material undergoes washing, drying, exposure to the chemicals from detergents or softeners, and stretching from use, it develops that distinct aged appearance.

Marine Layer knows the process can take some time to achieve. Therefore, the Boulder Overshirt ships to you already with the vintage style in tow. The company uses a combination of soft and strong cotton canvas that undergoes a special break-in process. It’s easy to pair with almost anything you want to wear in the first place.

Layer it on top of your favorite tee or use it as a jacket. Even with just the Boulder Overshirt alone, your attire is sure to be fashionable. In addition to the two chest pockets with button closures, Marine Layer also includes two more below to help warm your hands.

The Boulder Overshirt uses 100% organic cotton which the manufacturer sources abroad. Moreover, they assure buyers that their suppliers only employ adults. “Called an overshirt, because it’s a heavyweight button down that can be worn alone… or you know, over a shirt. See where we’re headed here? Wear it as a jacket over a tee, or by itself. Ya can’t go wrong,” says Marine Layer.

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Boulder Overshirt standing Boulder Overshirt Chest Pocket

Images courtesy of Marine Layer