Architect Marc Thorpe goes totally off-the-grid with the Freemont House, which is nestled among trees in the Western Catskill Mountains of New York. The structure is the embodiment of sustainable and responsible living as it sits in harmony with its natural surroundings and relies purely on solar power for electricity. 

Located close to the town of Roscoe, the boxy black house spans 1,000 square feet and hosts two bedrooms, one bathroom, living and dining areas, kitchen, storage utility and terrace. The layout allows for the public and private spaces to be separated with the bedrooms located on the top floor and the living and dining on the ground floor. 

The first floor of Freemont House features an open play layout with a living room equipped with a gray sectional sofa and a few steps beside is a simple kitchen with an island that serves as the dining area. Glazed walls open up the interior for natural lighting and creates the illusion of a larger space as it bring the outdoors indoors.   

The house is minimalist in design and even its curated selection of furnishings and furniture. Thorpe designed the Freemont House with the intention to “build an affordable contemporary home with integrated sustainable technology.” He believes that we need  to take responsibility for our energy consumption by taking control of our own power.” With this in mind he focused on quality instead of quantity and built a home that lives in harmony with nature and durable enough to withstand the test of time for future generations to enjoy.

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Images courtesy of Marco Petrini/Marc Thorpe Design