Skateboards are cool for knocking around the park on, but they are hardly sufficient modes of transport, not unless you don’t mind arriving for that important meeting looking disheveled and sweating. If you want a deck to get around the urban sprawl on, you will need a bit of artificial power, and the Marble Smart Electric Scooter ($999 for the early board on Kickstarter) should be your first port of call.

Super light (9.9lbs) and small enough to not get in the way, the Marble Smart is good enough for 10 miles on a single charge and will propel you along at 20mph. So, you won’t be passing cars on the street, but you will feel like you are going like lightning standing up with the wind in your hair.

As you may have guessed, that smart in the board’s name is there for a reason, as this electric scooter is a brainy little thing. Through an accompanying iOS or Android app, you can pre-set a comfortable top speed and acceleration rate, while you can even control the throttle via your device when on the move.