Maratac’s Dyneema Utility Bag (DUB) is great for carrying tools, drones, camping gear, and more. It can even serve as a lunch bag or a weekend bag with its spacious interior and a water-resistant exterior.

This bag is crafted from non-stretch Dyneema reinforced sail. This material proves its worth when the material accidentally catches water because it prevents the bag from sagging. Although, it’s best to remember this bag is not waterproof so better not dip it in water or stay out of the rain where it could get drenched

Meanwhile, YKK coil zippers help prevent moisture from seeping in. Maratac’s Dyneema Utility Bag (DUB) is highly water resistant as well as UV resistant. When it gets dirty, simply quickly hose them off with water, wipe dry, and they are ready to use again and again. Likewise, Dyneema has a high tensile strength to weight ratio. It is known to be five times stronger than steel. Thus, making this bag highly durable and strong. It can withstand impact, drops, and not easily torn or scratched. 

As for storage, this bag is roomy than it looks yet lightweight. A couple of zippers with pull tabs opens the bag wide for easy packing and unpacking of items. The material is translucent so it also allows some light to shine through inside for better visibility of stored items. It features seatbelt webbing handles for added durability and has pockets at both ends to hold other smaller items for easy and quick access. Maratac’s Dyneema Utility Bag (DUB) is compact for easy carry, measuring approximately 12″ W x 9″ D x 7.5″ H.  

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Images courtesy of CountyComm