Do you like taking photos? If so, what type of imaging equipment do you prefer to use? Given that most cameras on flagship smartphones these days are remarkably exceptional, people choose to stick with what they can easily slip inside their pockets. Nevertheless, the MNL MK-1 by Acasso, just might push you to shoot with film instead.

While there is nothing wrong with digital point-and-shoot cameras, some photographers believe it does not present the same challenge as film-based units. Perhaps it’s the ability to check what your shots look like instantaneously, which takes away the original charm of photography. Thankfully, analog options still exist just like this model.

The MNL MK-1’s stylish profile is the work of the South Korean industrial design and engineering studio Acasso. Their team was tasked by Manual NYC to create a premium film camera that would become a fine addition to their lineup. As such, we have a body fabricated out of anodized aluminum as well as a matte silicone grip to help you hold it securely when in use.

Acasso makes an effort to avoid sharp edges as beautiful curves adorn almost every section of the device. The MNL MK-1 is outfitted with a fixed lens supplied by Carl Zeiss. A viewfinder helps you frame any subject, while the built-in flash provides additional illumination as needed. We prefer this over pop-up mechanisms, which can wear out faster over time.

Transparent plastic parts allow LED lighting to filter through and provide insight into the film count and other functions. Controls are all accessible at the top of the MNL MK-1 and can be toggled ergonomically. Textured surfaces make it easy to manipulate the buttons, dials, and knob before each shot.

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Images courtesy of Manual NYC/Acasso