It has been a while since we have seen aircraft concepts and 2021 just so happens to have one. Now, this is one way to kick off the new year as people hope the health crisis ends and travel can resume normally. The ANN family of eVTOLs will cater to operations that require specific seating configurations. Manta Aircraft is happy to oblige with a platform in a single or double seating setup.

Called the ANN1 and ANN2 respectively, both are built with carbon composite. This material is the ideal choice for a builder who wants a light yet rigid framework. Given that weight matters a lot when it comes to flight, Manta Aircraft is going all-in with a full composite structure. Let’s not forget that we have yet to see vertical take-off and landing formats of mass-produced personal planes.

Aside from its smaller physical footprint, what the ANN offers is a modular design. According to the Swiss aerospace group, can quickly assemble or take it apart for transportation and repair. The wing, power pack unit, fuselage, and canard are removable. Everything can apparently fit in a regular size trailer so owners can tow it by car.

With its VTOL capabilities, operators can enjoy exceptional maneuverability. Manta Aircraft is using a hybrid propulsion system providing longer range and better overall performance. The batteries can recharge through eco-fuel which lets the ANN carry heavier payloads. The cockpit design gives the pilot excellent visibility while the fly-by-wire controls are responsive and reliable. Test flights will begin sometime this year.

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Images courtesy of Manta Aircraft