Just before the 2021 ends, MANHART Performance takes another stab at tuning an Audi. 2022 may have a lot to offer when it comes to automotive releases and innovations, but the German shop already has a head start. The star of its latest project is the RQ 800, which now boasts jaw-dropping upgrades.

If you’ve seen some of their previous work, then expect only the best. If cost is never an issue, MANHART Performance will gladly oblige clients and their ridiculous requests. As long as the tweaks do not compromise overall safety, your ride will be as bespoke as it can get.

Take this Audi RQ 800 for example. It’s now figuratively and literally a shadow of the original. It now sports an almost blackout color scheme if not for the gray and red accents. The aftermarket specialist loves to push machines beyond their limits and this SUV exists to prove that point.

The standard trim boasts a respectable output of 600 horsepower with 590 lb-ft of torque. MANHART Performance overhauls the stock power plant to add their own carbon intake, turbo, intercooler, ECU remapping, and stainless-steel exhaust system, to name a few.

Therefore, the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine now generates a crazy 818 horsepower with 774.4 lb-ft of torque. To handle all of that, MANHART Performance tunes the transmission and brakes accordingly. The Audi RQ 800 can easily give the Lamborghini Urus a run for its money.

Aside from the distinct badging and liveries, this Audi RQ 800 now rides on 24-inch Y-spoke wheels in satin black. There is no mention of a revamped interior, but it might be possible to request some bespoke options. Still, whatever ships with the SUV straight from the factory is already premium-tier already.

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Images courtesy of MANHART Performance