Gold iPhones have been around for quite a while now, and so have the more opulent gem-studded ones. But as new models come around, old customizations become outdated. So the experts over at Mana Skull have taken it upon themselves to create the world’s first jewelry iPhone 6 for all you luxury enthusiasts out there.

Mana Skull iPhone 6 - luxury cell phones

Mana Skull iPhone 6 luxury cell phone

Mana Skull specializes in producing stunning high-tech jewelry, often working closely with the customer to bring to life perfectly customized pieces. Their dedication to opulence stems from understanding life’s brevity, just like vanitas artists did back in the 17th century.

Using a mix of modern technologies and timeless luxury materials, such as gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious stones, the company produces collectible pieces that end up being almost organic extensions of their owners’ personal styles. The skull motif is one of the best reminders of our ephemeral existence, as well as an excellent justification for embracing a lavish lifestyle.

The Mana Skull iPhone 6 perfectly embodies this philosophy. With an 18kt solid gold back housing, it is already more lavish than other similar gold-plated luxury cell phones. It also surpasses others in durability as well as exclusivity, phone with only fifty units being made available worldwide. The design is further enhanced with a truly generous amount of precious stones, totaling 10.21 carats.

Worlds first jewelry iphone 6 by mana skull Mana Skull Limited Edition Jewelry iPhone 6 Luxury iPhone 6 by Mana Skull

Each phone boasts 2,595 yellow diamonds, 2,009 premium black diamonds and 319 premium white diamonds. They are all hand crafted to perfection, in a meticulous process which requires 320 hours of work, using solely ethically sourced materials. Mana Skull employs the best craftsmen and artisans to manufacture flawless bejeweled luxury mobile phones.

Each iPhone 6 comes in a custom luxury box, together with all the necessary accessories, including the Apple EarPods with remote and mic, as well as a worldwide 1 year warranty. This is obviously the 128GB version, with iOS 8. You can preorder your very own limited edition jewelry iPhone 6, but keep in mind that Mana Skull will need 3 to 4 months to complete the product before sending it to your front door.

Gold iPhones by Mana skull