Mammuth Works had given a whole new meaning to “big boys’ toys” with the release of the Rewarron 1/3 Sized R/C Trophy Truck ($5,250). Living up to their slogan of “Remote Controlled Testosterone,” the Rewarron is a full 78 1/2″ (2 M) long and weighs in at about 375 lbs (170 kg).

The Rewarron is powered by a 270cc 4-stroke, a single cylinder gas-powered engine that can speed up to about 45 mph (70 km/h). The custom-built torque servo produces over 20Nm of power and has been given four oil disc brakes to help stop such a large R/C vehicle.

The suspension is also strengthened to deal with the extra weight of this over-sized toy. In front, there is a J-Arm axle and a rigid axle in the rear. Four coil springs help reduce the extra bounce the large size and speed can produce, especially when operated off-road. The Rewarron uses a 2.4 Ghz radio controller for steering, speed, and braking operations. See it in action in the video below.