What can we say? Most guys dig darker hues for their stuff! Among the monochromatic tones, gray and black are the go-to shades we love to see on our gear. Mallet London probably feels the same way, as the Marquess Midnight Slick touts a shadowy profile. These sleek kicks are meant to show off just how timeless the colorway is, even until today.

These low-tops are a great choice to bring out a casual yet refined style that you can even pair with formal outfits. Although we are big fans of blackout themes on most of the items that grace our pages, a bit of contrast wouldn’t hurt. Mallet London understands the concept and executes this flawlessly on the Marquess Midnight Slick.

As always, let’s familiarize ourselves with what this pair of sneakers is all about. The upper oozes with elegance from the matte surfaces of the leather panels and mesh. The designers are going for a layered aesthetic with these overlapping over another. Surprisingly, the transition from one material to the next does not look chaotic on this silhouette.

It may seem minimalistic at first, but Mallet London breaks the stealthy profile with the clever use of elements that interact with light. The most striking here is the iridescent finishes on the heel and quarter. The Marquess Midnight Slick likewise touts reflective laces that glow against the murky backdrop of its suede tongue.

The Mallet London badges are visible near the eyestays (medial/lateral), tongue, insole, outsole, and on the gloss black heel clip. We love how views from certain angles generate tints of green and purple on the iridescent finish. The Marquess Midnight Slick certainly makes a bold fashion statement.

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Images courtesy of Mallet London