If there’s one piece of equipment you must never forget to bring along for a ride, we believe it’s a helmet. Although other types of protective gear are just as crucial for overall safety, brain injury is the leading cause of fatalities. Hence, you’ll need a reliable yet fashionable headgear just like the A.T.P from Malle and NEXX.

As the press materials explain, it took the team about two years to come up with this model. The name stands for “All Terrain Protection” and that is a lofty claim to have. Still, after extensive research, development, design, and testing, it’s finally in the production stage. Units are shipping out this November.

The Malle x NEXX A.T.P boasts an ECE and DOT certification, which means it meets the strict standards set by regulators. We have a carbon fiber outer shell – a material with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It only tips the scales at about 2.98 lbs.

The motorcycle helmet flaunts a gloss black exterior with a vertical vent on the chin. The brandings are in white and are visible on the top, sides, and rear. Its sun shade and visor are removable and attach via snap rivets. Buyers can also customize the reflective graphics on the A.T.P to improve rider visibility at night.

Meanwhile, the interior shows bright red X-Smart upholstery with removable and washable foam padding. The latter is wrapped with sweat-resistant and hypoallergenic lining. You can order the Malle x NEXX A.T.P in six different sizes. So far, this classy helmet is only available in a black/red colorway only.

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Image courtesy of Malle/NEXX