When designers want to pay tribute to a classic, they typically approach it carefully so that it retains the signature elements of the original. Makkina unveils its modern interpretation of the iconic Triumph Jabbeke TR2. Their rendition of the machine in question has been dubbed the Triumph TR25 Concept and so far, it’s a jaw-dropping beauty.

Motoring enthusiasts will recognize the Triumph Jabbeke TR2’s achievement in 1953 after it broke the speed record for a two-liter production sports car. The event was held on a highway close to its namesake in Belgium and the top dog at the time was Sunbeam Alpine. Makkina, on the other hand, presents its take as an eco-friendly alternative. The powertrain is sourced from a BMW i3S.

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen carmakers build roofless single-seaters. Surprisingly Makkina reveals that the Triumph TR25 Concept can accommodate another passenger. This is via a flip-out jump seat which comes in handy when you want to share a thrilling experience with another person.

The manufacturer points out that the driver’s seat is fixed, but the pedal box and steering wheel are adjustable. Moreover, it’s versatile enough to allow people more than six feet tall to sit comfortably in the cockpit. For safety, an F1-grade composite central frame is integrated into the chassis.

It then runs from the front of the Triumph TR25 Concept and warps around the seats. Instead of exclusively endowing the exterior with curves, Makkina also adds geometric hints here and there to convey a futuristic silhouette. The front shows an air intake grille flanked by two LED headlights without cutouts shaped like the numbers “2” and “5,” while the rear shows taillights that line the spins of the fins.

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Images courtesy of Makkina