In a pleasing reversal from American jobs being farmed overseas for cheap labor & materials, sunglasses manufacturer Woodzee will be opening their new store in Chico, California, next month. Now the company has proudly teamed up with one of the most respected bourbon producers, to create a distinct and quality “Made in the USA” product, the Maker’s Mark X Woodzee Sunglasses ($150).

By recycling and using the wood from twenty old whiskey barrels, Woodzee has fashioned about two hundred pairs of these unique shades. For extra coolness and protection, the frames are given a hand-charred finish and treated with a 100% natural tree oil coating. The temples are attached with stainless steel spring-loaded hinges for strength, and the lenses are Italian-made polycarbonate for scratch-resistant durability.

These wood wayfarer sunglasses are as unique and American as they get, and arrive complete with a collectors edition Maker’s Mark microfiber pouch & paper box.