Before Google officially entered the smartphone segment with its first-party Pixel lineup, Samsung clinched the top spot among Android OEMs. With every hardware generation, the South Korean consumer electronics giant strives to introduce innovative flagship features. The Galaxy Z Flip5 is the brand’s latest clamshell foldable and it’s due for a style-focused makeover courtesy of Maison Margiela.

This is not the first haute couture collaboration by Samsung given its previous outings with Thom Browne. In fact, the Galaxy Z Fold5 recently received a similar treatment. In the name of diversifying its portfolio, the company is calling on the French fashion house to give the other foldable model its signature spin.

Take note that the Galaxy Z Flip5 curated by the esteemed Maison Margiela will retail with a hefty premium tacked on. Moreover, unlike the former partnership with Thome Browne, the package does not include exclusive versions of its latest wearable and TWS earbuds. What it ships with, on the other hand, are two protective cases.

Technical specifications remain intact as the standard unit, but the aesthetics are an entirely different story. The rear glass of the Galaxy Z Flip5 sports a distinct design “that boldly shows the inner workings of a Maison Margiela jacket enhanced by the silver and metallic effects, a color exclusive to this special edition, using a signature technique of the fashion house.”

Next is the Flap Leather Case presented in black leather, fabric logo labels, woven fabric with handwoven stitching, and the Maison Margiela typography close to the bottom. The second freebie is the Flipsuit Case which features two interchangeable Flipsuit Cards — one plain silver and another with splashes of paint. Overall, this is an artisanal take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

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Images courtesy of Samsung