We all know some of the world’s celebrated spirits also come in some of the most stunning containers. Just like the most legendary names in whiskey, Maison Hennessey is renowned the world over for its exquisite liquor. Aside from that, the distiller is likewise lauded for the exceptional vessels which hold their prized cognac – like this new Dame Jeanne decanter.

As described by Maison Hennessey this elegant creation is it’s most opulent one yet. As long as you don’t mind the eye-watering cost, this stunning work of art will make a fine addition to any brandy collection. Meticulously crafted by Nelly Saunier, a French plumassière, the Dame Jeanne decanter receives a one-of-a-kind makeover.

Similar to another release in 2021, wherein the round bottle boasts white wicker basketry over it, this one receives Saunier’s signature treatment. Her love for nature and birds, in particular, turns to feathers as the medium of choice. These come from avian specifies with a magnificent plumage.

Notably, the gilded gold cock, tragopan, rollier d’abyssinie, and pêcheur, to name a few.  She then carefully trims these and applies them to the exterior of the Dame Jeanne decanter. No surface is left exposed as it becomes a wonderful showpiece.

In addition to the visual treat, Maison Hennessey offers the Dame Jeanne decanter with 10 bottles of their cognac in individual boxes matching the motif. The eau de vie in question is the work of the eight-generation Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde.

Maturing in oak barrels for years, the brandy has hints of panettone, marmalade, and spice bread. This Nelly Saunier Dame Jeanne decanter is exclusively available at the Hennessey Boutique at Harrods. As long as have $709,780 to spare, it can be yours.

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Images courtesy of Maison Hennessey