When traveling, the space in your luggage is usually at a premium and if you are planning on day-hiking, a full backpack can be just that little more than practicality can handle.  Outdoor apparel company Maharishi has just released what may be the perfect solution to limited space.

The Maharishi Rollaway Backpack ($215) is a fairly good-sized backpack (9.8″ x 15.7″ x 3″) that is made of upcycled vintage army parachute ripstop material.  The lightweight but very strong material allows the backpack to be completely rolled up into a small cylinder that folds into the pack’s front pocket.  When compressed, the backpack takes up very little space in your more conventional luggage.  The Maharishi Rollaway Backpack also has a convenient side zippered pocket and comes in either bright orange or olive green.

For the spiritually aware, since Maharishi is an Indian company that uses surplus and recycled military materials, they go through the process of smudging all their products with a herbal incense, have it blessed, and then washed in saffron water to symbolically cleanse them of the negativity of its military associations.