The Magpul Daka Bifold Wallet does not compromise capacity for the sake of minimalism. Instead, it caters to both thanks to the use of innovative construction methods and excellent technical fabrics.

This minimalist wallet still features the same reinforced polymer fabric found in the brand’s other wallets. The polymer material provides the wallet with its tough exterior and RF welded construction ensures impenetrable seals. This one though comes with more storage options while keeping its form factor slim and pocket-friendly.

The Magpul Daka Bifold Wallet easily holds cards, cash, IDs, and more without sacrificing its simple yet elegant appeal. Its no-stitch construction yields a low-profile wallet that not only feels light and good in the hands but also easily slips in and out of the pocket.

The wallet opens to reveal a single pocket on each side with an extra slit cut out that serves as dedicated credit card slots. The card pockets are cascaded for quick and easy visuals so you can spot which card you want right away. Likewise, it uses a side-loading orientation to prevent cards from accidentally slipping out.

As with other bifolds, The Magpul Daka Bifold Wallet also has space for cash, banknotes, or folded bills. You don’t even have to fold bills as it offers a full-length billfold section. Best of all, this wallet features rounded corners so it easily slips inside and outside your pocket. The rounded edges also make for a comfortable carry, on top of its thin silhouette at just 4.215″ L x 3.05″ H when closed and 8.25″ L x 3.05″ H when opened.

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Magpul Daka Bifold wallet

Magpul Daka Bifold wallet

Magpul Daka Bifold wallet

Images courtesy of Magpul