Electric motorcycles are gradually becoming ubiquitous but are still far from mainstream in contrast to electric vehicles. Still, this development is wonderful news for proponents of climate change awareness. What we find fascinating these days are manufacturers that drop the stereotypical futuristic design for something more classic. The RM1 and RM1S from Maeving are stylish examples that embody the idea.

These models offer a retro aesthetic akin to that of old-school naked bikes. However, instead of an internal combustion engine, exhaust system, and components of its traditional drivetrain, the frame holds a battery pack. Since 2018, the company founded by Seb Inglis-Jones and William Stirrup made it a goal to deliver eco-friendly alternatives for our daily commute.

It’s clear these electric motorcycles are head turners by way of their overall cosmetic configuration. These bad boys flaunt bar-end mirrors, quilted-leather components, a vintage-style speedometer, and wire-spoked rims. The RM1 is currently available to purchase and provides a respectable 45 mph top speed with a range of about 80 miles on a single charge. Its 3 kW motor boasts a peak output of 4.4 kW.

If you’re willing to wait, the RM1S is the thrilling follow-up that’s currently ready to preorder with a small deposit. Its electric drive setup is rated at 7 kW and maxes out at 10.5 kW to get it up to 65 mph. Meanwhile, range remains steady at approximately 80 miles. According to Maeving, both require a CBT license to operate.

A dual-battery version of the RM1 currently offers the best mileage which is double that of the standard trim package. Available colorways are Maeving Blue, Blackout, Silver, White, Gray, Green, and Sand. As for the RM1S, not only can buyers get it in the original hues but also has four more exclusive options: Gilbert, Sunset, Vincent, and Harlequin.

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Images courtesy of Maeving