Certain brands have established an image that people immediately associate whenever it comes up in a conversation. Rolex watches are traditionally crafted out of the watchmaker’s signature Oystersteel or maybe 18-carat gold in some models. Nevertheless, we are always eager to see unique editions released like this stunning pre-owned Milgauss Camo Edition from MAD Paris.

What’s immediately striking about this timepiece is the finish on almost every surface save for some sections and the dial. Most custom jobs on luxury watches like a Rolex are often minor embellishments such as engravings and such. Not many aftermarket establishments want to change anything on an already iconic item.

Not MAD Paris though! This Milgauss Camo Edition now flaunts a camouflage DLC coat over its stainless-steel parts. The caseback, edge/interior side of the bracelet, and crown retain the original finish. Thus, this is a wrist candy for people who desire something with a tactical vibe.

Browsing the label’s catalog of customized Rolex watches, this is perhaps one of the more understated ones out there. What adds to its stealthy theme is the shop’s decision to go with a darker tone for its profile. The MAD Paris Rolex Milgauss Camo Edition features a dark gray dial, emblem, hour markers, and hands.

The only contrast comes from the lighter gray outline of the baton hour markers and white/orange printed text. We’re guessing that the internal remains intact because nobody wants to mess around with that unless necessary. A Manufacture Rolex 3131 self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve should still be ticking inside. Only 25 examples of the MAD Paris Rolex Milgauss Camo Edition will go on sale.

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Images courtesy of MAD Paris