MAD Paris is a name discerning purveyors of luxury goods know too well. Although the group typically focuses on bespoke customizations of upmarket timepieces, it also extends its distinct style to other products. Last year, it collaborated with KITH, Globe-Trotter, and NAMES for a collection of custom Cameras. If you missed out, it’s time to grab the latest MAD Contax T2 Camera.

It’s an exclusive release so units won’t stay on the market for too long. Moreover, it’s awesome that they are teaming up with Montreal, Canada-based fashion company SSENSE and others for this cool photography project. Each MAD Contax T2 Camera does not come cheap.

Prepare to shell out around $5,500, which is a steep price for a classic point-and-shoot model. This time, buyers have even more options available when it comes to colors. Take your pick from purple, red, khaki, white, gradient black/gray, beige, yellow, gradient yellow/gray, green, orange, brown, two-tone beige, and more.

No matter what shade appeals to your taste, keep in mind that these are all analog only. Better brush up on your skills, before you take the first snap. Each MAD Contax T2 Camera touts a titanium chassis with a ceramic coat for durability and aesthetics. It should feel like a trip back in time as each shot needs to be perfect unless you want to waste any of the 36 exposures.

The package already includes one Fujifilm Superia Premium 400 roll so owners can use it right away. Since these are restorations of the Contax T2 Series One, stocks are very limited. The MAD Contax T2 Camera is outfitted with a Carl Zeiss T Sonnar 38 mm lens. Collectors likewise get a MAD Paris braided paracord wristlet and a certificate of authenticity.

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Images courtesy of SSENSE/MAD Paris