One of the advantages of a monolithic structure in a tropical climate is the cooling effect you get from large, stone-walled spaces. The architects Cadaval & Solà Morales incorporated this technique in an angular, private dwelling on the outskirts of Tepoztlán, Mexico. Enter MA House.

Made of locally-sourced stone & concrete, every wall contributes to natural air cooling and circulation, from the enclosed living sections to the deep terrace/breezeway separating them. The roof is continuous over all three sections with patios and passages in a sweeping arch.

The expansive main social area has full two-level high glazing for an unparalleled view of the front lawn and the mountains beyond. The open loft over the communal room provides a shaded retreat on the sunniest day, while various private spaces invite for relaxation (read: sipping expensive tequila). At just under a thousand square feet, the MA House is a bold statement of imagination and functionality combined.