Athletes and gym buffs are likely familiar with the occasional soreness, stiffness, and aches that come with muscle fatigue. As such, massage guns have found their way into the sports market, especially for these reasons. The Lyric Massager is unlike any of its kind though. It boasts high-end features including WiFi. 

This handheld machine uses direct frequencies to the body to temporarily alleviate minor muscle pain, shift stress, and positively affect emotions. It features an ergonomic, slim handle to make it easy to hit hard-to-reach sections of the shoulders and back. It even comes with an optional long-reach extension handle so you can massage pretty much every part of your body.

The Lyric Massager boasts a lightweight, elevated design with a whisper-quiet motor so you can massage in peace even in public. Its compact design makes it convenient to bring to work, the gym, or anywhere else you may need quick muscle pain relief. Moreover, it comes in five attractive colors including Blueprint, Granite, Slate, Stone, and Terracotta, and has four functional massage heads.

Probably the best feature of this handheld massager is it is WiFi-enabled. It allows you to access new software updates and download new therapies and content directly to your device. This way you can customize your massage experience according to your personal choice. You can choose from Calm, Pain Relief, or update your device to the latest software.

As such, the Lyric Massager is a self-care companion and not called a massage gun. It aims to take the guesswork out of wellness. Through an intuitive full-color touchscreen, you can check out video guidance for a more personalized experience. 

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Images courtesy of Lyric