Knives are some of our oldest and most useful tools yet modern society often frowns on carrying a cutting edge around. One way to keep up with a useful blade while not frightening the populous is by slipping a card knife into your pocket or wallet.

Crafted of vacuum heat-treated CPM S35VN steel (HRC:58-60), the LINX Blade by JHO Knives ($90) is indisputably the best quality card blade available. The blade is straight-edged and chisel-ground, and the perforated grip is designed for firm handling even in adverse conditions. It comes with the option of either a satin or stone washed finish.

The entire knife fits easily into a wallet or card holder as it measures a compact 3.5″ x 2″ (88mm x 50mm) x 2mm thick, the same size as a standard business card. The LINX arrives in a waterproof, tearproof, bitumised paper sheath. A handy tool that will let you always be prepared.