Featuring an unlikely association of styles, the Boca Do Lobo Royal Pool Table is at the same time minimalist and baroque. Its design is based on one of the company’s prime dining tables, and it features a unique mix of faceted contemporary elements and rich classic adornments.

Luxurious Boca Do Lobo Royal Pool Table

The combination of traditional marquetry, carving, joinery and varnishing techniques has lent a unique charm to the table, making it a stunning centerpiece for both classic and modern rooms. It will also undoubtedly be an excellent conversation starter whenever someone new is visiting your home for the first time.

Carefully calibrated for a perfect game, the Royal Pool Table was made to bring both joy and character into your house. It is an ideal piece of luxury furniture for any entertainer with a taste for fine design.

Luxurious Boca Do Lobo Royal Boca Do Lobo Royal Snooker Table