This gorgeous luxury penthouse occupies three floors of the Sandhurst Towers in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was designed to perfection by two famous companies in the industry, namely SAOTA and OKHA Interiors. While all its 9,700 square feet of space are simply beautiful, the most exciting part of all remains the private terrace with its swimming pool and stunning views.

Lux Triplex Penthouse Lux Triplex Penthouse Pool Lux Triplex Penthouse Night View

The owner asked for a home that would capture the spirit of the 21st century urban life, where individualism and advanced technologies play major roles. Even though it is situated in a permanently busy metropolis, the apartment can actually offer a remarkable level of privacy, comfort and serenity, where the indoor-outdoor transition is just as smooth as the ones you typically find in traditional houses with private backyards.

Passing through the different areas and levels of the penthouse, one can enjoy a seamless living experience, where spaces seem to naturally flow into one another. Transparency, reflection and openness are key characteristics of this project, and they all contribute to a general feeling of luxury and wellness. The expensive furniture, high-quality finishes, and carefully-chosen works of art also contribute to the overall sense of living the high life.

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