When it comes to outdoor sleepovers, a tent comes in handy. But you can practically set up a room anywhere as long as you have the proper camping gear with you. A mattress, for one, not only works indoors but also outdoors just like the Luno Air Mattress 2.0. It transforms your vehicle into a comfortable sleeping area so you get a good rest while on the road.

Whenever you decide to get a shut-eye while on the road, you don’t have to settle for a reclining seat. Instead, you can stretch your legs and feel at home with this inflatable mattress that sets up in just two minutes and packs down even faster.

Tailored to fit more than 1,800 vehicles, the Luno Air Mattress 2.0 is a double-sided mattress that can fit two people up to a height of 6″2. Inflate both for a double bed set up or just one for solo. Each side is adjustable so you can set the firmness according to preference. It inflates to a thickness of 4 inches, weighs 15 pounds, and can carry a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

Designed for the outdoors, this mattress uses durable 300D Oxford fabric which can stand up against just about anything. These include pine needles, wood chips, pet claws, and more. The fabric ensures it remains tough under pressure so it can last for many uses.

When it comes to portability, the Luno Air Mattress 2.0 is travel-friendly and easy to set up and pack down. It comes with a 12V air pump and deflates fast so you can just roll it up and pack it away. It packs down small at 16.5″ X 29″ so it fits most carry-on bags. Now all you need are camping pillows for a restful sleep at the back of your vehicle.

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Images courtesy of Luno Life