Gone are the days when handheld torches stench gas or run on large D batteries. Now lithium-ion is the number one choice for most devices be it smartphones, portable electronics, or other everyday carry like flashlights. When it comes to flashlights though, you don’t really want those giant ones as they prove more bulky than effective. You want compact ones that provide enough illumination and if you can go tiny, then why not opt for the Lumintop Pimi Flashlight.

Thumb size, mini, or key-chain size, you can call it any way you want. This flashlight is literally small, it can be held just with the tip of two fingers. It measures 1.3 inches long and is extremely lightweight at just 0.6 ounces. You can easily hang it on a keychain, keep it in your wallet or pocket, although with its size you might forget you have it with you. ,

Despite its minute size, the Lumintop Pimi Flashlight provides enough illumination in the dark (it is brighter than an iPhone flashlight). It gives out a wide beam of either 60 or 100 lumens of light output. It pairs with Nichia E17a 50000 lifespan LED for a pleasing neutral white tint and runs on a single rechargeable 10180 cell.

Powering this flashlight on and off is simple. A loosening and tightening twist action on the head turns it on and off, respectively. This way you don’t have to worry about it accidentally turning on sans a power button.

Best of all, the Lumintop Pimi Flashlight is great for outdoor use with its solid copper construction. It is a great addition to your survival gear collection not just for its size. It is also IP68-rated to withstand dust and water up to two meters.

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Images courtesy of Lumintop