The LumiCharge T2W LED lamp is the perfect desk companion whether for work or play. It not only provides illumination but also functions as a wireless phone charger.

Functional as it is stylish with its metallic gloss finish, this multipurpose lamp offers 80 lumens of brightness in three color modes: soft white, bright white, and soft yellow). Each color option has multiple brightness levels. The options are convenient for different purposes, whether for reading, as a night light, or as a general area lamp.

The LumiCharge T2W LED lamp is perfect for everyone whether you’re a student or a professional. It has a dimmable calendar, time, and temperature display. The LED screen adjustment buttons let you set the time or an event reminder. The touch-sensitive buttons allow for silent and easy operation.

Meanwhile, the lamp head and body are adjustable to give you full control and flexibility of the light path. The head is capable of a 180-degree range of motion and the body can move forward and backward. Side rotation is also possible with a left and right range of motion at 60 degrees.

Best of all, the LumiCharge T2W LED lamp provides wireless charging for a workstation free of messy wires and cable ties. An additional USB port on the back provides additional charging support. It even has a 7W Bluetooth speaker to play your music or connect with your smart home system assistants like Alexa or Google. You can also play your music list stored in a memory card with the built-in micro-SD card.

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Images courtesy of LumiCharge