Ever since Sony bowed out of the handheld gaming scene when it ended support for the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo became and remains the undisputed king. The hybrid capabilities of the Switch means it’s technically still a portable device. Its unwavering popularity prompted a designer to come up with a modular game system concept called the LUMI DST-02.

Lately, the gaming industry has shifted its coverage to the surging popularity of handheld gaming PCs. Even Nintendo cannot match the versatility, performance, and software library enjoyed by owners of the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Legion Go, and other similar platforms.

Instead, Bukvity Lorisz opts to pay tribute to consoles but inject a unique spin into how we interact with the games. At first, the LUMI DST-02 looks like something the guys at Teenage Engineering cooked up. It touts a clean minimalist design with an understated theme courtesy of the matte gray finish.

Unlike the Switch, its display is configured in the shape of a square to give it an odd 1:1 aspect ratio. However, split-screen gameplay should look great! Instead of detachable controllers which attach on either side like the Switch’s Joy-Cons, its gamepad connects below.

In one of the renders, we can see what seems like pogo pin connectors on the left-hand side of the frame’s underside. Other images show metallic accessories that could function as mechanical locks to hold the accessory firmly in place. Another cool attribute of the LUMI DST-02 is customizability.

The gamepad features two sections with detachable modules. Users can swap these out to create a bespoke setup for their games. There are D-pads, analog joysticks, dial knobs, ball-top joysticks, trackballs, and a variety of face-button arrangements. The Lumi DST-02 also comes with an integrated kickstand and lanyard attachment point.

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Images courtesy of Bukvity Lorisz/Behance