You don’t have to camp in the woods or risk breaking your neck from climbing the rooftop just to look at the stars. Instead, you can avail of the Lume Traveler No. 1, a modern camper that offers comfort and luxury for all your outdoor adventures.

From designer Hein van de Laar, this trailer offers a panoramic view of the stars from its roof made from Sunbrella fabric. The fabric slides open to reveal nothing but the sky, while a built-in insect screen gives you the freedom to sleep under the stars without the worry of insect-bites.

This lightweight aluminum trailer also packs features that make outdoor living feel like home. The interior comes with a double bed, an optional TV and sound system, twin reading lights, and USB charging ports. A 100W solar panel provides power on-the-go.

Meanwhile, felted wool upholstery, blind rivets, hand-stitched leather, and sustainable teak trim help insulate the room for a cozy and warm sleeping experience. The wool repels dirt so it also keeps the inside clean.

The rear hatch of the Lume Traveler No. 1 opens to a stainless steel kitchen complete with modern luxuries, including a 40-liter fridge, two PITT gas burners, and cupboards for your kitchen utensils. Of course, this beauty of a camper does not come cheap. It costs approximately $53,000.

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Photos Courtesy of Lume Traveler