Concept designs can encompass a lot of things. Tech, automotive, architecture, gear, and watercraft. Thanks to the power of rendering software, companies can now visualize how their project would look like in the real world. The only caveat, on the other hand, is the lack of anything tangible. Nevertheless, this gives digital artists complete control of every aspect before actual work would even start. Luca Vallebona, an Italian architect and yacht designer, gives us a stunning example with the GRAVITY.

We think the name is fitting given that this 62-meter vessel appears to have a knack for drawing attention. It does so with its full-aluminum construction with a sleek and modern vibe that would effortlessly cruise the seas. Those who have been closely following the exploits of Vallebona will point out some similarities with his previous work – the TLV62.

However, the GRAVITY appears large and boasts even more luxurious embellishments that will incite envy from others. We’re talking about the clever use of the available area to ensure that nothing feels claustrophobic. Moreover, those on board can take in the breathtaking views and bask in natural light most of the time.

Practically it’s big enough to accommodate a touch-and-go helideck on the bow as well as a spacious garage below. The latter can house an 8.5-meter tender, a 4.2-meter rescue tender, a 6-meter boat, and four jet skis. It’s practically a smorgasbord of water activities that awaits those who love leisure and adventures. The GRAVITY would likely use twin Caterpillar 3512 engines to push it up to 14 knots with an approximate range of at least 4,500 nautical miles.

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Images courtesy of Luca Vallebona